Asset Management

Get a complete picture of all your assets at a glance – including asset classifications, nameplate data, warranty information and asset bills of materials. Easily define hierarchical relationships for your assets and catalog your locations, equipment and components. Leverage the robust capabilities of Asset Management in concert with Preventive Maintenance and Work Management to achieve higher levels of asset performance and reliability

Key Features
  • Track Buildings, Equipment, Fleet, Functional Locations and Components
  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Hierarchical Relationships to model Systems of Assets
  • Warranties and Claims Processes
  • Work Order History
  • Meter Management
  • Licenses, Permits and Registrations
  • Link and attach Documents, Drawings and Files
  • Enterprise Wide Visibility of Company and Customer Owned Assets
  • Track Asset Maintenance Costs by Work Order Type
  • Recover Warranty Claims thus Reducing Maintenance Costs
  • Facilitate Identification Repair Parts via Bills of Materials
  • Extend Asset Life and Reduce Depreciation Expense
  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance Reporting