Our Solution Is Easy to Use

AssetOptics is designed by former maintenance professionals to be easy to use from the shop floor to the storeroom, for the mechanics, the managers, and the executives. Simple navigation, powerful search features, and intuitive screens will ensure everyone uses the software. Every aspect of the solution is available on-demand, from anywhere you can access the internet.

Our Solution Is Very Affordable

Since AssetOptics is built on’s platform, there are no hardware or software components to purchase, no lengthy software installs, and no annual maintenance fees.

Our Solution Scales Up and Down

Our subscription-based pricing model makes the solution affordable for organizations of any size. There are no minimum user license requirements; you can easily add more users as needed. Because AssetOptics leverages the power of the world’s most popular on-demand platform provider – – and because it is hosted in data centers around the world, no company is too big or too small to use the solution.

CMMS/EAM Solution

Platform Features