Mar 2, 2015 – AssetOptics, the leading provider of CMMS/EAM solutions built natively on the platform, today announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Xebra Services Pty Ltd to expand its sales and delivery in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are excited to be growing our reach with such an experienced partner,” said Mike Edwards, founder and principal of AssetOptics. “It was important for AssetOptics to select a partner in ANZ that not only had the management experience to represent its interests, but also a depth of sales experience, local knowledge, and extensive contacts.”

The Xebra Services executives bring more than 100 years’ experience in the ANZ market where they have sold and delivered numerous CMMS/EAM solutions to some of Australia’s largest Asset intensive operators in the market.

“The Xebra Services dedicated team will help AssetOptics quickly establish a strong market presence in the ANZ region,” continued Edwards.

AssetOptics Enterprise Asset Management for Salesforce is a native CMMS/EAM solution. AssetOptics offers core maintenance management functionality of asset management, preventive maintenance, work management and MRO inventory management.

Built on’s trusted enterprise cloud computing platform, AssetOptics customers realize enterprise class solution capabilities while foregoing the cost and complexity of managing expensive IT infrastructure. AssetOptics is offered through a low cost subscription-licensing model.

“Customers in the ANZ region are increasingly demanding greater value for their IT spend,” said David Colvin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Xebra. “Asset Optics provides the very best of core capabilities in enterprise asset management on top of the world leader in cloud platforms, Salesforce, to enable transformative enablement of asset lifecycle management for customers in weeks as opposed to the traditional costly delivery periods of many months or years.”

About Xebra Services
Based in Sydney, Australia, Xebra Services uses its unique sales and management skills and expertise, to service start-ups and established enterprises that wish to extend their reach and improve their performance in Sales in the ANZ markets.

For more information about Xebra, please visit or call +61 2 8004 7843