Atlanta, GA, August 25, 2015–AssetOptics, a leader in cloud-based CMMS/EAM solutions, today announced the release of AssetOptics Facilities, Equipment and Fleet Maintenance for Salesforce version 2.8 (v2.8). The new release offers numerous improvements, including more than 75 standard reports, a Part Bin Location search function and other new features.

For AssetOptics’ customers, the most exciting aspect of v2.8 will likely be the addition of serialized inventory management and control. Serialized inventory management is becoming increasingly vital to enterprises in a number of industries, from aviation to electronics and technology, as high-value parts that suffer damage or wear have become too expensive to simply discard and replace.

“When you have a $50,000 part, you are going to send it for repair rather than toss it,” said AssetOptics customer Matt Hapgood, President of flight training firm FlyRight. “With AssetOptics, we can keep track of those expensive assets.”

The addition of serialized inventory management enables AssetOptics customers to track, manage and have visibility into serialized parts, at either their own locations or a customer’s, through the ongoing cycles of installation, maintenance, repair and reinstallation or reassignment that occur until these parts are retired at the end of their useful lives. Companies that specialize in selling or leasing used or refurbished high-value parts will also find AssetOptics v2.8 essential.

Other details about AssetOptics v2.8 include:

Part Bin Location searches: A new text field enables the user, through a simple combination of field selection and search criteria, to search for parts not only in primary bin locations (the default search) but also in all secondary bin locations.

More than 75 Standard Reports:

AssetOptics version 2.8 reporting has been enhanced to include over 75 standard reports ranging from inventory management to work order resource planning to asset history tracking.

“Many of the improvements in AssetOptics version 2.8 are big “under the covers,” but make such minimal changes to the interface that the average user won’t notice them,” said AssetOptics Principal Mike Edwards. “However, I fully expect serialized inventory management to be met with a great deal of enthusiasm from our customers and prospects.”

About AssetOptics
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