Accounting SeedAccounting-Seed-Logo-200 is the only 100% Native Accounting and ERP application built from the ground up exclusively for the platform. Our goal is to allow customers to build world-class business management solutions on the platform with a reliable and affordable accounting and order and inventory management package seamlessly integrated. We combine CRM and ERP with more flexibility than any other application.


BasicGov enables Governments to transform how they do business. BasicGov is a comprehensive operations management platform that enables state and local governments to modernize land management, licensing and regulation and community development operations so they can cut costs while ensuring the efficient delivery of quality services to citizens.

Powered by the industry leading cloud computing platform, BasicGov is a proven, low-risk solution that requires no upfront capital investment and is quick to implement for a low total cost of ownership.

CongaConga® is the developer of the Conga Suite, one of the most popular sets of document generation and reporting applications for Salesforce. The company was founded in 2006 to help Salesforce customers worldwide fully utilize their data in dynamic documents, presentations and reports. With industry-recognized products and support, Conga has rapidly built a fanbase of more than 150,000 users, in 45+ countries, across all industries. The company is privately-held and based in Colorado with global teams in the UK and Australia.

CorvadoCorvado was launched with the purpose of helping organizations leverage technology to improve the way buildings are designed, built, operated, maintained and experienced.

Depre123Depre123 is a fixed asset depreciation-centric application that generates a wide variety of reports for Federal Tax, Internal Book and State requirements.  Developed from the ground up exclusively for the platform, we allow clients to customize asset tracking and depreciation calculations to meet their often unique business needs.  All calculations are maintained and constantly updated seamlessly so our clients can concentrate on their fixed assets and not tax laws.

KypelloKypello is in Bogotá, Colombia (South America), and provides consulting services for, and Asset Optics CMMS/EAM.

Performance Consulting Associates (PCA)Performance Consulting Associates (PCA) provides effective, cost-justifiable, and sustainable improvements for asset intensive organizations who want to improve asset uptime, increase first quality output and lower operating costs by becoming more efficient in all Reliability, Maintenance, and MRO Inventory Supply Chain activities through the implementation of team oriented “best practices” and change management.

SpectadesSpectades is an independent Asset Management software services company headquartered in Brielle, The Netherlands with a global reach, specializing in technology, solutions, training and consultancy.

Xebra ServicesXebra Services – Based in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, Xebra Services uses its unique sales and management skills and expertise, to service start-ups and established enterprises that wish to extend their reach and improve their performance in the Australian New Zealand markets. With a long history and background in Enterprise Asset Management, the Xebra Services executives collectively bring more than 100 years’ experience in the ANZ market where they have sold and delivered numerous CMMS/EAM solutions to some of Australia’s largest Asset intensive operators in the market. In addition, the Xebra executives have worked within the Salesforce ecosystem since it was first established in Australia more than 10 years ago, helping clients extract the most value out of their Salesforce & platform investment.

Case Study: FOXY PRODUCE | Gain Regulatory Control and Process Efficiency

AssetOptics Helps Nunes Company, Inc. Meet Compliance Goals Transform Maintenance Management and Reporting for Foxy Produce

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Case Study: TIDEWELL | The Practical Side of Compassion

Tidewell Hospice Stretches Precious Donor Dollars; Ensures Regulatory Compliance with AssetOptics

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Case Study: ADVACO | Keep The Equipment Running

AssetOptics helps Advanced Vacuum Company, Inc. (a.k.a. ADVACO) Streamline Customized Maintenance Tracking and Reporting

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Case Study: FLYRIGHT | From Compliance to Competitive Edge

AssetOptics Helps Nunes Company, Inc. Meet Compliance Goals Transform Maintenance Management and Reporting for Foxy Produce

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Case Study: TRANSTELCO | The Importance of Staying Connected

AssetOptics Helps Cross-border Telecommunications Firm Transtelco Keep the Conversation Going

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