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Case Studies

Case Study: CITY OF ELGIN | Achieving End-to-End Work Order Integration for Public Works

AssetOptics Helps City of Elgin, Illinois Streamline Processes; Serve Citizens More Effectively When the Elgin, Illinois City Council green-lighted a broad improvement initiative to deliver high-quality services for the city and its citizens at the lowest possible cost, Elgin City Manager Sean Stegall and Senior Management Analyst Dan Ault viewed the project as a catalyst to update Elgin’s technology approach and leverage the benefits of cloud computing. After selecting Salesforce CRM and AssetOptics’ Facilities, Equipment [...]

Case Study: FOXY PRODUCE | Gain Regulatory Control and Process Efficiency

AssetOptics Helps Nunes Company, Inc. Meet Compliance Goals; Transform Maintenance Management and Reporting for Foxy Produce In the highly regulated agricultural industry, compliance can mean the difference between a thriving enterprise and a challenged one. For Nunes Company, Inc.’s Foxy Produce brand, the inability to efficiently track and document maintenance activities and schedules was making compliance more difficult. With the help of AssetOptics and its Facilities, Equipment and Fleet Maintenance for Salesforce platform, Foxy Produce [...]

Case Study: FLYRIGHT | From Compliance to Competitive Edge

FAA Compliance, High-Value Parts Management and More: FlyRight Gains Comprehensive Asset Visibility and Tracking with AssetOptics For flight instruction companies—including those that use precision simulators—the watchful eye of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is an ever-present consideration. As one of the most heavily regulated industries, aviation comes under strong scrutiny, with the list of requirements changing frequently. When the FAA announced it would require electronic recordkeeping for discrepancies that occur during flight simulator operation, aviation [...]

Case Study: ADVACO | Keep The Equipment Running

AssetOptics helps Advanced Vacuum Company, Inc. (a.k.a. ADVACO) Streamline Customized Maintenance Tracking and Reporting Business Challenges With a broadly dispersed base of large customers, ADVACO faced real challenges monitoring and managing customer equipment maintenance, both corrective and preventive. One of its larger customers has 1,000+ pieces of equipment, and ADVACO provides a team of 25 on-site field service technicians who are specific to that customer’s maintenance operations. ADVACO is a dedicated customer that wanted [...]

Case Study: TIDEWELL | The Practical Side of Compassion

Tidewell Hospice Stretches Precious Donor Dollars; Ensures Regulatory Compliance with AssetOptics Business Challenges With 21 sites serving a four-county area of more than 3,000 square miles, Tidewell’s facilities maintenance team had their work cut out for them. Relying on a paper-based spreadsheet system with manual data entry, the five-person team frequently spent part of the day inputting data from paper work orders. Once the information was entered, there was no permanent document management or tracking [...]

Case Study: TRANSTELCO | The Importance of Staying Connected

AssetOptics Helps Cross-border Telecommunications Firm Transtelco Keep the Conversation Going Business Challenges With nearly 2,200 miles of infrastructure, including specialized equipment assets distributed among remote sites along the U.S.-Mexico border and offices hundreds of miles away, effective asset management and maintenance was crucial to Transtelco’s ability to keep its telecommunications clients satisfied. If overlooked routine maintenance was to bring down a fiber optic link, the result could be a major service outage—and a customer relations [...]

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